Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Class Movie

What happens…

Movie title: WannaWalka ?



Geek Squad

Fred Destructo 3000

The Bad People


Scene 1:

The bad people building Fred Destructo

(Fred covered up on the ground) Someone says “Initiate launch sequence”. Crushes scientists

Scene 2:

Fred comes in and shuts all the Geeks computers

Scene 3:

The Bad People who created Fred come to the Geek squad and tell them how indestructible Fred is and that they want to help the Geeks. (Bad People no longer bad!) Geeks think they are tricking them at first. But then they actually help them.

Scene 4:

The Geeks (now plus 3) start creating Wannawalkarobot.

Scene 5:

Fred comes in and fights wannawalkarobot! At first, the geeks are hesitant because they don’t think she is ready yet, but end up letting her Defeat him!!!

Scene 6:

Everyone dances to the guinea pig song

Wannawalkarobot moves

Blog Blast

PowerPoint punch

Kruzio Kick

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