Friday, June 25, 2010


Jasmine Mathis



I love big dogs!


This is another hobby of mine.

I love boy scouts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best organization ever

Jasmine Mathis

Jasmine Mathis

Jasmine Mathis


I think this week was really fun!!! I liked the film the best!!! That was fun! Especially wannawakacheeta and her faces:)


THE MOVIE WAS SICK!!! Hahahaha it was sooo funny!!! :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010


we made the movie today! I can't not wait to see it. YA!!!!!!!!!!!

Class Movie

We are making a movie today!!! Yay? Any ideas for what it should be called???

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Guinea pig/ Gummy Bear/ Fred is the trend in this class. Does anyone know something that isn't as high pitched??!?!?


If snowman came to life, that would be creepy!! If santa clause snuck in my house, that would be creepy!!

Class Movie

What happens…

Movie title: WannaWalka ?



Geek Squad

Fred Destructo 3000

The Bad People


Scene 1:

The bad people building Fred Destructo

(Fred covered up on the ground) Someone says “Initiate launch sequence”. Crushes scientists

Scene 2:

Fred comes in and shuts all the Geeks computers

Scene 3:

The Bad People who created Fred come to the Geek squad and tell them how indestructible Fred is and that they want to help the Geeks. (Bad People no longer bad!) Geeks think they are tricking them at first. But then they actually help them.

Scene 4:

The Geeks (now plus 3) start creating Wannawalkarobot.

Scene 5:

Fred comes in and fights wannawalkarobot! At first, the geeks are hesitant because they don’t think she is ready yet, but end up letting her Defeat him!!!

Scene 6:

Everyone dances to the guinea pig song

Wannawalkarobot moves

Blog Blast

PowerPoint punch

Kruzio Kick

Our Class Play

The Geek Squad destroys the bad robot Fred Destructo 3000 while he tries to destroy our good robot Wannawakarobot. Sounds good so far!!

Class Picture!!!

The Awesomeness of Tech Camp gathered in a picture!!! Cool :)

Unagi, Lyme Dawg, Wannawakacheeta

Technology Camp day 3 = most MOST important day EVER!! Today we are making Kruzios for next maybe next year!! I am so stoaked!! Well i gtg i am going to start on my Kruzio.

Technology Camp.............. :)

i love technology camp so much!!!! everyone should comment on this


Today were making kruzios fun!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010



Technology Camp Rocks!!

Everyone who is in Technology Camp MUST comment on this post!! And if you dont, then too bad for you...................................................................................yeah. :) i like technology camp because all of my friends are here and i get to get to know more and more people. I love technology camp so much that i want to stay here all day but i do wish that we could check our Facebooks and stuff well we have to pack up so bye :)

Everyone comment!!!

Everyone needs to comment on this!!! Say something and then say your name at the bottom :)


I like to eat cereal late at night (and at all times, but especially before going to bed). I like talking long walks on the beach and walking chick-flicks. The Holiday is my favorite!!! I also like... videos of animals singing and dancing. I also like mission impossible which you can find on Mackenzie's blog. My favorite artist (singer) Celine Dion. My favorite type of music is Umbrella flipflop dinosaurs. I also enjoy watching babies dance to MJ music. And riding bikes!


We are all having SO MUCH FUN at tech camp!

Unoodles, Lyme (diggity) dawg, and wanawakachemeeta

These are our counselors!!! They are awesome and really good at working with computers! Bye!
Tech camp day 2 = most important day ever. Today we're making powerpoints!!! :)

Monday, June 21, 2010


blogging is awesome! I wish i had my own site! Maybe I can figure out how to make one!!!
Also, there are a bunch of funny videos of babies dancing on youtube! Look um up!


Kruz Kidz rocks!

Wannawakacheeta's Blog


Hello my name are Lyme-Dawg. I really love snowboarding and playing guitar and other fun stuffs. I am a counselor at Kruz Kidz and have a 3rd grade education. I enjoy snowboarding, playing guitar and other fun stuffs. I love technology camp and other fun stuffs too. Love Lyme-Dawg.

Fly like Eagles on Snowboards. YAY!


Hello, my name is sean and I like all sports and technology.


Hi! My name is Jasmine. I love softball and gymnastics and of course KRUZ KIDZ!!!!


good by popole


My motto: Don't Worry, Be Happy! I also LOVE singing and music.


The Beatles rule and so do . My favorite songs are Hard Days Night and Come Together.


Hi! I'm Mackenzie and I really like squirrels and playing soccer! I like hip hop/pop and rap music. I also really like this camp called Kruz Kidz! I hope you have a great day!

Beatles dude (the real one!!!!!!!!)

The other beatles dude did the yellow submarine thing, little did he know that i came up with the name first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My name is kyle by the way.


I love the Beatles. They RULE. P.S i rule. I like John Lennon because he sing's the BEST. My fav. song is Come Together. My motto is: Tartersauce. See my own blog on . This is my last time untal Augast ??? .


I like to skate board,surf ,boogie board,go camping andsnow board.


JUNE 22, 2010
I made a power point!


My name is Skyler and I like to play baseball.


I like to play drums because they are fun.